Feeling Spared

"When you go through deep waters, I will be there with you."-Isaiah 43:2

Climatologists are referring to Harvey as the "worst (tropical storm) in U.S. history" (Garfield, 2017). It is likely that Harvey will wind up being the most devastating flood Houston has ever seen. As the storm surges on, some parts of Texas could see up to 50 inches of rain. Fifty inches! According to the Washington Post, the hurricane could force as many as 30,000 people from Texas and Louisiana to evacuate by the time the storm comes to an end. The death toll is estimated at 17 people and rising.

We live about forty-five minutes north of the Houston city center, in Spring, Texas. Our neighborhood, Sawmill Ranch, has seen heavy rain, water levels around 2-3 feet in spots and limited road access. We have also yet to speak to a neighbor who has water in their home or a power outage issue. Our water has been receding steadily since Monday and today we walk on dry sidewalks and streets.  

We took the necessary precautions like many of our neighborhoods (moving furniture, filling tubs, disconnecting electrical equipment, stocking up, etc) and all the while our neighborhood remained in tact and above water. In many ways I feel like we live inside of a bubble. I have family and friends 15 minutes north, south and east who did not fare nearly as well. I know folks who evacuated, lost power and even people whose very apartment building was at risk for collapse due to a levee breach. And then there's us-the spared. 

I believe to whom much is given, much is expected. I feel compelled to look to the greater Spring community and offer help in whatever capacity. Houston will have a major renovation project which will span years. Some neighborhoods will need to completely rebuild. Who knows the cost. He has equipped us with the resources and motivation to restore sanity and stability. We must rise to the challenge, now. We are Texas strong. And we will carry on. God bless all of you have risen to the call of service and those who will elect to serve their communities in the aftermath of this catastrophe. Houston needs you! 

Make sure your Hurricane Harvey donation does the most good!


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